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Incentivising Mass Transition

Rewarding ecological merit by issuance of “gE” for every positive ecological consumption and ecological footprint reduction using reNATUREcard.

Incentivising Nature Active

Active participation in the weCommunes’ ecological events to be rewarded with “gE” ecological merit that can be converted to WENA token.

Tokenising On-demand Conservation

Generally, people love collecting (free) things through gamification, effective at driving daily engagement, behavioural change, and voluntary actions.

Incentivising Environmental Action

Incentivising and gamifying voluntary environmental actions, revolutionise the way people collaborate with, and initiate place-based conservation efforts.

Enabling Mass Philanthropy

The next level of incentivised ecological transition would be to earn further WENA tokens to fund ecological campaigns using soNATUREapp.

Digitalising Visual Empathy

Getting people to really comprehend real issues affecting nature, always seem to be happening in some far-off land, and on unfathomable scale.

gE = 1 minute

Proof of Effort

gE = 10 metres

Proof of Endurance

gE = 1 kgCO2e

Proof of Impact

Elevate Your Environmental Action Today

Accumulate Your Ecological Merit

Showing we are environmentally conscious and be actually rewarded for it!

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